Preparing for life without Edgesight with ExtraHop

So good, you have to read it twice! Apparently my friend @jmsazboy has taken some flak over his latest EdgeSight Under the Hood blog post. If what happens in his post comes to pass (as many of us expect that it certainly will), he’s going to have to change his blog name. “The Product that Used to be EdgeSight Under the Hood” won’t be so poetic…

Edgesight Under the Hood

So, the rumors have been swirling and I think we have all come to the quiet realization that Edgesight is going to be coming to an end. At least the Edgesight we know and Love/Hate.  While we all await the next version of HDX Edgesight we can almost be certain that the data model and all of the custom queries we have written over the last three years will not be the same.

For those of us who have continued with this labor of love trying squeeze every possible metric we could out of Edgesight we are likely going to have to come to grips with the fact that the next generation of Edgesight will not have the same level of metrics we have today.

Let’s be honest, Edgesight has been a nice concept but there has been extensive problematic issues with the agent both from a CPU standpoint (firebird…

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