Thoughts on Boston…

My thoughts and prayers go out to the City of Boston and its wonderful people, the Boston public servants in the fire service, EMS, and police department, and the overwhelming number of brave spectators, runners, and race staff and volunteers that immediately took action yesterday after what should have been a happy, euphoric finish for many runners and their friends and family turned instead into a terrifying, tragic day. Please do what you can to support those affected, if even just keeping them in your thoughts, and as always, take the daily responsibility to be vigilant and say something if you see something.

Many of those who provided selfless front-line assistance yesterday didn’t have badges, vests, or official public service credentials.  There’s countless stories and accounts of everyday citizens turning around after the blasts and running back towards them to help others.  They are a testament to American community,  bravery, and service and deserve many thanks for their heroism.

I’d challenge and recommend everyone to take it upon themselves to act in the service of others every day in this manner.  A little commitment and effort can prepare you to make a life-changing, possibly life-saving difference during the worst day in someone else’s life, whether they are a stranger, co-worker, or even a member of your own family.  Here are some places to start – I think everyone should, if you do nothing else, do the first one:

1.  Take a CPR and/or First Aid class (  

2.  Donate blood  (  

3.  Start or participate in a local CERT program (

4.  Find a way to be involved, learn new skills, and serve your community (


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