All hail Citrix Remote PC! —

Why is Citrix Remote PC proving so popular with organisations during the COVID-19 outbreak. Since my time at Citrix, which is 3 years I have had many customer conversations, but I can’t remember a single conversation around a specific Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop Advanced and Premium feature called Remote PC. That was, until a […]

via All hail Citrix Remote PC! —

Published by: Benchtime

I'm an information technologist going on my 26th year in the biz. Currently, I'm practicing my craft as a Senior Sales Engineer for a Citrix Systems (again). I've got extensive experience in all aspects of End User Computing (EUC), enterprise cloud solutions and strategy, and enterprise/solutions architecture. I have strong personal and professional interests in managing and building solutions to support the evolving modern workspace cloud computing, and information security. * * * // The original content of mine in this blog is mine alone, and represents my personal views and opinions only and does not reflect the views of my employer or any other commercial, non-profit, or public organization. * * *

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