About the Author…

I’m a 20 year IT veteran who got into the business hoping to just pay the bills while applying to grad schools.  Turns out I developed a passion for technology and its transformative capabilities over how we work, play, and live, and I shifted my focus to growing the career I’ve been blessed with over the last 2 decades.  I am currently employed as a Senior Enterprise Architect for one of the largest IT services organizations globally. The opinions and content posted by me in this blog are strictly my own and do not represent those of my present or previous employers in any way.

That said, I am through and through a technologist to the core and have spent a number of years working in healthcare IT, which is something in thoroughly enjoy. I have professional interests in enterprise architecture, IT/infrastructure transformation, information security, and patient-centered healthcare information technology. I hope to extend my own scope of knowledge by writing about those issues here and learning through interaction with those who happen upon this blog.

When I’m not designing and building stuff at work, I’m likely to be found at the shooting range, on the trails hiking/biking/running, reading, attempting to build or fix something in the house or garage, or hanging out and enjoying time with the family.  I used to be a volunteer EMT and am working to continue in that line of service as a Disaster Responder volunteer with Team Rubicon.  I’m also an avid supporter of Autism support and research, military and veteran’s support organizations, animal welfare via the Beagle Freedom Project, and STEM education.

I’d love to hear from you if you have a comment, question, or constructive feedback for my blog, or if you’d just like to connect and network.  Feel free to use the form below or hit me up on Twitter or LinkedIn.  Enjoy!


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