BenchTime Blog Reboot

For those who follow this blog, I sincerely apologize for the lack of content and attention that I have provided to this blog this year. First, I’ve changed jobs; I am still an architect in healthcare, but I’ve evolved into a more broad role, covering more than just mobile, EUC, and virtualization. I’ve moved into a more enterprise architect’s role, and as such I’ve been inundated with a ton of new work, but work that will enrich the content of the blog to cover everything from the traditional Citrix/VMWare/Microsoft, mobile, and EUC content to cloud architecture, operational intelligence, security and privacy, IT governance, Enterprise Architecture (as a practice), DevOps, and other relevant topics – and still typically focused in healthcare.

This career advancement is into a director-level role as well, and I anticipate blogging more about IT processes, strategy, and management also as I incorporate those things into my personal experience and expertise portfolio. I’m seeing my career path change into a more leadership-oriented technologist, and I would like the blog to reflect that as well – hopefully reaching more new readers to learn from and share some of my knowledge with.

To align with this “career reboot”, I am refreshing the structure, content, and appearance of this blog presence. It’s been pretty static, and I aim to make the blog more engaging and interactive to better serve the IT community and my fellow technologists. Stay tuned for more frequent updates and some new content very soon!


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